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A seamless monitoring tool for - 
  • Cloud based automating business process.
  • Allows creating process and customizing forms of the process.
  • Allows assigning/re-assigning processes to user. 
  • Tracking time consumed for a process.
  • Color coded status indicator depicting the status of every process.
  • Event-based email notifications. 
Clinicspectrum's MIPS Registry 2017

38th AKMG
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July 20-22,
Chicago, Illinois.
How to Develop a Brand for your Medical Practice?
Managers and Healthcare PR usually compare marketing and advertising, leading to standardizing of marketing as television or newspaper ads.  
How do the Nurses Promote Help Patient Satisfaction?
In order to improve your practice, patient satisfaction is vital. Some practices even receive a part of their returns through a better patient satisfaction.Read More.
Moving your Data to Cloud, Right Way!
Cloud Computing is now being used extensively for various purposes. However, it has proven to be very beneficial for small practices by the elimination of storage area networks & it's maintenance concerns.  

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