DECEMBER, 2015 - In This Issue:
Revenue Cycle Management 
Have you signed up for
PQRS yet?
PQRS Reporting via Registry is one of the easiest & quickest reporting methods.

The penalty for not reporting 2015 PQRS is 4% for solo providers and groups with 2-9 providers.
(2% value modifier penalty + 2% PQRS penalty).

Clinicspectrum PQRS Registry is a CMS Qualified PQRS Registry.

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PQRS Registry Animation!
Balancing Work & Personal Life
People in their middle ages regret having worked so hard, only to realize how important relationships were. It is all about managing time & striking a balance between your work & personal life.
Why EHR is not good enough for healthcare providers?
EHR has been implemented with one goal in mind - to improve the quality & delivery of healthcare. However, the recent EHR Incentive program has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak by providers.Let us dig deep into the issue!
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8 Key Steps to Maximize Reimbursement
The proper  workflow plan can take a practice to next level in managing revenue, cost, & risk, making them truly accountable to you.
Let us analyze an ideal practice workflow & steps in engaging the patient effectively not only for clinical reasons, but for financial reasons as well.
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Strategically Planning Your Medical Practice
Switching to Value-based Care
Hiring the Right Office Manager for Medical Practices

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