ICD-10 Is Near
Managing expenses and cost-cutting, are two vital components for any business. With the ICD-10 on its way, things could be difficult. Just setting aside reserves and getting credit, wouldn't be enough.
Managing After the congressional vote, the industry will get a clear picture of where things stand as ICD-10 will come into force, 
on October 1.
Managing In a country with 50 different states and almost 10 times as many healthcare markets, every market is shaped uniquely according to the characteristics and conditions in the local area.
Most dread the task of budgeting for the upcoming year. There is never enough money, and with the increase in regulations, it won't change in the near future.

What are you doing to monitor your claims?

As practices prepare for the rollout of ICD-10, we're seeing practices and hospitals make investments in upgrades to their technology to be able to support ICD-10. 

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ICD-10 Claims Monitoring Infographic

ICD-10 hiccups are the perfect excuse for a payer not to pay your claims.
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