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Finally, the Much Awaited Solution for Human Resource Management in Healthcare Services.

Clinicspectrum, leaders in hybrid workflow solutions consisting of an innovative software suite and back office operations, will launch its new software, HRMSpectrum, which is single software that offers end to end tracking from hiring to employee growth and management. The software works for large healthcare practices and medium sized hospitals and completely automates all HR management functions.

The software would no doubt reduce the burden of healthcare providers by substantially increasing workflow efficiency, and at the same time, reducing costs. This new software will help link different hospitals, nursing homes, and physician practices providing integrated delivery that will result in simplifying patient management. The objective of HRMSpectrum is to combine technology with local healthcare teams and back offices to boost workflow productivity. This integration not only simplifies healthcare operations but decreases operation costs by 30%.

In a recent interview with John Lynn, founder,, the leading network for healthcare and IT blogs, Vishal Gandhi, CEO, Clinicspectrum, explains, “HRMSpectrum helps healthcare practices right from recruitment to goal setting to measuring the goals where you are three years down the road and integrated with the ProductivitySpectrum(Another software by Clinicspectrum that helps achieve higher productivity in an organization), you can manage an employee right from recruitment until the time they are in the organization with consistency, making sure they are productive, making sure there is self-benchmarking.” Clinicspectrum offers a unique Hybrid Workflow Model™ consisting of innovative product suite and the human touch to decrease cost, increase revenue and streamline healthcare operation management.

HRMSpectrum has different tools and features for all levels of management, right from application management of prospect candidates to complete administration and HR management. The software also has built-in features for social media promotions. Apart from this, you can also set milestones for employees and track their progress in real time. It is the one simple answer to the most complex questions that a healthcare practice faces. “HRMSpectrum is what is being launched and integration with our ProductivitySpectrum should resolve pretty much human resource management, recruitment to productivity to growth part of the challenge in healthcare pretty nicely,” Vishal says.

We here at Clinicspectrum work to simplify day-to-day office work that a healthcare practice has to do. We have a collection of software that helps healthcare practices lessen the time spent on office work and concentrate more on patient health, at the same time, improving productivity of the practice.

Clinicspectrum is exhibiting at HIMSS – 2015 in Chicago at Booth -5427. You can visit our website at to check out our different products and services for healthcare practices. You can also tweet us @ClinicSpectrum and follow us on Facebook at . Watch our video series on YouTube at

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