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Name: Making an educated guess to see do I need it? Everyone always needs more people and human power, right?

Posted On:- 04/09/2015

I think the way healthcare is evolving, as more technology is getting into it, there are more people also getting into it for the same amount of work we are doing. So now you have on one side a challenge of managing people and on the other side you have a challenge of managing technology and on another side you have a challenge of managing the overall system financially.

And on another side is the patient engagement and patient clinical care. So what I find is that people management or people motivation is going to be very crucial in the next five or 10 years in healthcare delivery. Why? Because as of now if you ask one of the nurses joining a hospital, do they have a career plan? Does the hospital have any career plan for them? Other than a good package and the benefits, what else there is planned out for?

At the same time, you join an Apple or you join for that matter Wal-Marts, right? As a manager, you have a career plan. You become an assistant, then you become a manager, you become this or that, there is some kind of structure and hierarchies, right? Healthcare in general I find has a lot of flatness. There are not defined hierarchies and individual goal settings, you know? So if I am a very bright individual, I need to get incentivised to be a part of that healthcare system.

So our HRMSpectrum which is going to be launched in the HIMSS show focuses on that. If I have 10 people that I need in my healthcare, I can automate my recruitment process. It allows you to create like virtual interviews, virtual video conferencing, and you can screen a right candidate before you bring them to your office. It all happens through the templates and the structures that you create.

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