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Name: 10 Tips to Prevent Ransom Attacks!

Posted On:- 11/18/2016

Apart from medical records, patient health, and financial information are the latest targets for cyber criminals. Shielding your practice from ransomware attacks is extremely necessary.

Here are some more tips, more elaborate than this article, to help you prevent your practice from ransom attacks:

1. Divide the hospital's network into separate sections so that the medical devices can run separately.

2. Check if any unused wireless connections or similar infrared ports are switched off. Always disable remote services so as to prevent any security vulnerabilities.

3. Use secure network drives to access patient health information and perform periodic back-up.

4. File sharing should be disabled so as to prevent the computer from getting affected by the other infected computer.

5. Update all of your software as well as devices by applying regular patches and updates to correct security glitches.

6. Implement a secure internal spam filter to catch any uncommon files or programs. Files with extension like .scr, .vbs, .exe. .tko, .xlv etc carry infectious viruses that can quickly spread through your system. Refrain from opening these attachments without scanning them.

7. Allow 'blocking' of unwanted programs while 'whitelisting' only certain programs. Also, avoid using auto-update to update all your devices, Keep an eye for any suspicious update requests.

8. Perform regular back-up periodically and store a copy in the cloud. this way you can still restore most of the data in case of any data loss.

9. Impose data access privileges on important files and documents so that only permitted individuals can modify them.

10. Turn off the internet connection as soon as there is any suspicious process detected.


Conclusively, build an action plan for a quick recovery should a ransomware attack occur. Unfortunately, it can not be completely avoided, but maintaining network security can certainly help you avoid long-lasting damages to your practice.

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